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SAFER SETS with UV-C Sanitizer with Moritz and Co

We did the research and found hospital-grade, proven, professional-grade, anti-viral UV-C sanitizers for hair, makeup, and wardrobe items that are not disposable that might be otherwise impossible to sterilize.

UV-C is the only way we have found to properly sterilize wardrobe soft goods without chemicals that might damage the item. UV-C is also the only way to sterilize hair extensions, tools, and certain makeup consumables.

We are proud to be the only production using these tools that we know of. We are glad to share our sources for other productions as everyone's health is the first priority, no matter what crew or production we all do better when we all stay safe and healthy. For more info contact team@jamesmoritz.

Open°Safe Post Covid

Post-COVID creative is OPEN!

Now booking productions in Studio and on Location

The city of New York is now into Phase 4, re-opening studios and now issuing permits on all city locations for limited crew productions.

We are now booking photo and video shoots in Studio and on Location with all the established safety measures and limited crew. All productions are safe and COVID-free using the guidelines established by the City of New York. All productions feature hand sanitizer stations, disposable masks, and our proven UV-C sanitizers.

The City of New York has established guidelines for film and photography productions which can be found here:

Link to NYC Health and Safety Guidelines for Productions


Everyone attending the production is called and asked the questions below to prevent anyone who has been exposed or experiencing COVID symptoms from attending.

Ask these questions.

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NY is now officially issuing permits for Central Park Again!

Central Park has been the backdrop for many Vogue Covers and other shoots for luxury fashion and beauty campaigns.

Every brand I work with has the same concern... avoid looking bridal or overly commercial. This can be easily done by carefully choosing the locations and background textures while carefully co-ordinating with time to ensure the lighting and mood always elevates the brand.

The various locations in Central Park make it one of the best outdoor locations of choice in the city. Below I have curated some of the more famous photoshoots from Vogue and other iconic brands.

Dior Hydra Life


FEATURED LOCATION: Studio with Stone Wet Area and Clawfoot Tub

Where: Brooklyn, less than 20 minutes from Chelsea


• Optional Classic White Clawfoot Tub

• Industrial Heated Rainfall Shower

• Open Wet Area Set

• Full Daylight Studio with equipment on site

• Beautiful Distressed Cement Walls

• Sun-Drenched Studio with Pane Windows

Featured location is a full daylight studio with a wet area set. The wet area features a heated industrial rainfall shower from the center of the ceiling, daylight wet area with floor drain and stone backdrop, and optional clawfoot tub. The featured location makes shooting with water really easy and comfortable with heated rainfall and floor drain. The industrial rainfall shower falls from the center of the ceiling in the wet area making it possible to place any backdrop behind the rainfall to achieve any look imaginable.

One of my favorite photographic looks happens when water is introduced into...