Help James Raise Funds to Help Kids who have lost their homes

The Next Generation Project is a mission to help teach disadvantaged youth skills that change their life.

There are plenty of charities that provide for the daily needs of kids in need, we want to teach these kids how to provide for themselves.

Please help change the direction of a teen's life by bidding on any NFT by James Moritz or contributing to the GoFund Me page below. All auctions have the percentage of the sale donated included in the item description.


Artists commitment to publish every day for a year.

Beginning April 1, 2021, James Moritz will begin a year-long "Challenge for Change Commitment" where he has committed to donating 20% to 100% of all NFT Art proceeds to help kids through The Next Generation Project. See the link above for more information.

To ensure enough funds are raised for the project, James has committed to publishing 365 pieces over the next year or an average of one piece per day for an entire year.


Personal Message from James Moritz

In 2019 I was diagnosed with advanced Kidney Cancer and after a very long recovery, I finally went into full remission just in time to go into lockdown for the pandemic.

Since 2021 is the year of change and I am going to dedicate 20%-100% of every auction for the next year and committing to publish an average of a piece every day for the next year.

I will be putting in a lot of overtime to get this effort off the ground. Those of you who know me know how hard I work and that I never disappoint when I commit to a project.

So please believe in me, help these kids and maybe even make some money in the process of supporting the effort. Please consider investing in a piece of my artwork through an auction or secondary sale.

Every cent you donate through GoFundMe will go directly to help kids and is a donation.

Every auction will list a percentage of the net proceeds that will go directly to help the kids which you can consider a donation. However, you will still hold the full value of the NFT artwork.

All funds earmarked for charity will be deposited into a separate bank account and anyone who participates can request to see financial records for the charity. With some luck and volunteer help, we will hopefully break off the NGP into a foundation so the percentage committed to charity can be a tax deduction. Be cautious of taking a tax deduction thought b/c you will have to pay taxes on the amount you claimed as a donation when you sell your artwork.

Please support the value of MOJO NFT Art and don't sell the NFT you purchased for less than you paid for it.

Thank you for your time and trust. I know we can get this up and running and it will change the lives of so many people. Please bid on any of my pieces, even if it is just to help increase the value of the donations. You know I won't let you down.

Thank you all for your support, charity, and most of all trust in me.

I love you all!






When you purchase an original NFT work of art by James Moritz you will know exactly what percentage goes directly into a separate bank account to change the lives of at-risk, marginalized, or homeless kids.

Most of these kids have been told they are worthless so our main goal is to make sure they feel worthy of life, love, and success.

While we can't change the world, we can help change the direction of these kids' lives one at a time through a 4-day workshop where we teach them skills that will allow them to create the future of their dreams.

Our goal is to raise enough money to provide an iPad for each kid and cover costs for a 4-day workshop where we teach kids how to see themselves as their own brand, how to create professional media, grow an audience, work with brands, and how to mint and auction their own NFTs then promote their work using social media skills. We also provide them with the resources where they can continue their education online and communities where they can find support.

So when you purchase a MOJA NFT by James Moritz you will be contributing to The Next Generation Project which helps create real change in kids' lives.

How to invest in NFT Artwork... very simple, secure steps.

To bid on any auction you first have to set up a digital wallet. To bid on an auction you will need to:

1) Download Metamask, preferably on Chrome or on your iPhone.

Perform setup steps and click on fund account through Coinbase Pro Exchange.

2) You will be transferred to the Coinbase website where you should set up an account, link your bank account, and transfer funds into your Coinbase account.

3) Transfer funds into Coinbase Pro Account.

Note there is a 4-7 day waiting period for funds to verify before you can purchase Ethereum coin and transfer the funds to your MetaMask wallet.

4) Exchange USD to Ethereum (another type of Crypto currancey similar to Bitcoin)

5) Once funds have cleared you can open your Metamask Wallet and transfer funds into your MetaMask wallet from Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro is just another type of bank that specializes in exchanges from dollars into cryptocurrency currencies. Once you have transferred your funds into Metamask you are now invested in Crypto-currency and ready to buy!

6) Visit any of my auction sites and log in by simply opening your Metamask Wallet. No accounts are needed on these auctions. Everything is verified through your Metamask Wallet.

7) You can purchase or bid on any piece of art using your MetaMask wallet valued in Ethereum coin. Keep in mind the value of Ethereum is constantly increasing and currently trades for more than $2,000 per coin.

8) When you purchase NFT Art you are purchasing a blockchain token that is completely secure, can be verified, and is easily sold through secondary markets. Essentially the Ethereum currency allows artists to mint their own currency tied directly to their artwork. So when you purchase an NFT the token and art are transferred directly into your digital wallet. Since NFTs use the Ethereum blockchain the art can be verified and is easily sold on secondary markets.

9) Try to Hold on to the art for at least a couple of months and if you do sell your NFT don't accept a cent less than the full amount you paid for it. The prices should increase over time with the work we are committing to do so your investment should pay off.

Thank you for investing in the future of these kids with the purchase of any NFT by James Moritz known as MOJA.

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