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Places To Purchase NFTs by James Moritz Artist known as MoJaKoi

The buttons below provide live auctions where anyone can get started investing in NFTs. So far I've seen every NFT purchased increase in value.

Currently, there is a listing for an NFT someone just purchased for 400% of the purchase price. I wouldn't be surprised if someone purchased it either.


Artists commitment to NFT Space as an Artist

Beginning April 1, 2021, I will begin a year-long "Challenge for Change Commitment" where I am committing to publishing an average of one NFT per day for the next year and consistently for the next five years. The purpose of this commitment is to show the market that I am committed to this new form of artwork and have devised a very well-calculated launch, marketing, and promotional plan. Just as I have found success in one of the most competitive fields in the world I know I will find success as an NFT Artist. I am looking forward to working with several celebrities on collaborations through, I will continue to publish my body or work through the Retrospectively Yours collection on Open Seas and I plan on introducing my own personal style of artwork on So the NFT world will be seeing a lot of work from my studio. What makes this all great is I am commiting a minimum of 20% of every sale to help at risk kids through The Next Generation Fund. So your purchase actually will help change the course of a kid's life. What could be more beautiful than that?

Commitment, Promotion and Community Ensure NFT Values will Increase

NFTs by James Moritz are promoted by The Atfluence Agency

The Atfluence Agency is one of the leading boutique creative agencies specializing in working with top-tier luxury brands and now offers NFT services including collaborations, drops and promotions.

Every NFT created by James Moritz has the full support and promotion of the Atfluence engine and thus has an edge over other NFT Artists on the market.