Set UV-C Sanitizers now on every production!

SAFER SETS with UV-C Sanitizer with Moritz and Co

We did the research and found hospital-grade, proven, professional-grade, anti-viral UV-C sanitizers for hair, makeup, and wardrobe items that are not disposable that might be otherwise impossible to sterilize.

UV-C is the only way we have found to properly sterilize wardrobe soft goods without chemicals that might damage the item. UV-C is also the only way to sterilize hair extensions, tools, and certain makeup consumables.

We are proud to be the only production using these tools that we know of. We are glad to share our sources for other productions as everyone's health is the first priority, no matter what crew or production we all do better when we all stay safe and healthy. For more info contact team@jamesmoritz.


Hospital Grade UV-C Sterilization

The sanitizer has a special high powered UV-C bulb that emits special 254n wavelength light which has been proven effective to destroy virals and is used in hospitals to destroy surface born viruses including COVID.

Moritz and Co is committed to SAFE COVID-FREE productions and will have these sanitizers on set for everyone's safety and peace of mind. While these can never be used for human skin because they are so powerful they are perfectly suited for items on set. Particularly any items where chemical sanitizers are not optimal. These work better than any other method on a porous surface like fabric or hair extensions where chemicals would never work.

Combined with New York's Production Health and Safety guidelines we are able to safely produce a shoot and are now booking shoots again in studio and on location!

OPEN°SAFE Moritz Productions

Stay Safe!