Set UV-C Sanitizers now on every production!

SAFER SETS with UV-C Sanitizer with Moritz and Co

Every set now features a proven effective, hospital-grade, anti-viral UV-C sanitizers for hair, makeup, and wardrobe items that might be damaged by chemical sanitizers. Most UV-C fixtures are not strong enought to be effective but we found the same machines used in hospitals, airplanes and schools that have been proven to output the right strength and frequency of light to be proven effective. These machines kill surface born virus like COVID with less than a second of exposure. While effective for non-pourous items the light is so strong our assistants had to be trained on safe use as the high levels of UV-C light are not safe for skin or eye contact.

UV-C is the only way we have found to properly sterilize items like wardrobe, props, hair and makeup stations where chemicals might cause damage or not be effective. UV-C is particularly effective for human hair extensions and wigs during this period where everything a model comes in contact with should be either un-touched or sanitized with UV-C.

We are proud to be the only production using these tools that we know of and we are trying to spread the word how important these machines are on sets in our industry. We are glad to help any production company or anyone in the industry obtain the right equipment. We discovered that the majority of UV-C sterilizers were far too weak to be effective but we found one machine that outputs the right wavelenght and amount of light to instanly destroy virals. We know this because we measured the light output just to be sure. For more information feel free to contact us and we will help you obtain the right UV-C sanitizer that has been proven effective. For more information e-mail us at


Hospital Grade UV-C Sterilization

The sanitizer has ultra high powered UV-C bulbs that emits special 254n wavelength light which has been proven effective to destroy virals and is used in hospitals, airplanes and classrooms to protect against the spread of COVID.

Moritz and Co is committed to SAFE COVID-FREE productions and will have these sanitizers on set for everyone's safety and peace of mind. While these can never be used for human skin because they are so powerful they are perfectly suited for items on set. These work better than any other method on a porous surface like fabric or hair extensions where chemicals would never work.

Combined with New York's Production Health and Safety guidelines we are able to safely produce a shoot and are now booking shoots again in studio and on location!

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Stay Safe!