Outstanding brand visuals always delivered on time and on budget!

James Moritz is an outstanding art director and photographer who specializes in beauty, fashion, celebrity and lifestyle brands. His Agency, Moritz + Company, along with his business partner, Douglas Hill, successfully created many stylish, effective and on-trend advertising and digital campaigns for several important Celebrity and Lifestyle Brands at Coty, Inc. over the years. James Moritz and his team were particularly effective at understanding Client briefings and translating them into powerful images that built Brands' consumer awareness and cultural relevancy in the beauty and fashion categories.

Specifically, my view is that Moritz and Company's strength lies in their understanding of a Brand's DNA and how that translates into casting, styling, makeup looks, fashion statement, the right photography approach, styling and building an effective layout based on a Brand's price point and distribution. Additionally, they are unusually fast and reactive, and are a full-service Agency that can handle concept to layout to execution including retouching and media placement, which is a rare asset into today's splintered Agency landscape.

I would highly recommend them for established as well as up-and-coming Brands in the fashion and beauty Categories, especially for Companies who need fast qualitative turn-around and want to bridge a static complete visual image with a dynamic and relevant digital campaign.

Stephen Mormoris

CMO, Coty Inc. Worldwide

Established Worldwide Standards for Amazon Branding Globally

Moritz and Company raised the bar for Amazon and James's work set a new company standard for creating visuals for Amazon Fashion, "MYHABIT" which have been so successful these standards will be rolled out to all divisions of Amazon companies globally. Moritz and Company's work changed the way Amazon views visuals and has an impact on the entire company globally.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon, CEO